Cloud 9 Hemp



"About Us"


     Cloud 9 Hemp is a new company that was formed at the right time and in the right place to take advantage of modern cutting-edge technology and changing legal field to answer a question that has been plaguing medicine for years: How do you take advantage of the myriad of beneficial effects that cannabis offers, without getting in legal trouble or dealing with the mind-altering side effects? The answer came in 2014 with the inception of Cloud 9 Hemp oil. Using state of the art technology, cloud 9 Hemp created a revolutionary product that provides all the benificial medical properties of cannabis with none of the high.


"Why Cannadibiol oil"


     Cannabidiol oil, also known as CBD, has an ever growing number of medicinal properties, with a new discovery coming every day. The news is saturated with stories of CBD curing ailment after ailment, most of which were diagnosed as incurable or too far gone by mainstream doctors. CBD has been implicated in cancer cures, autism cures, and much more. It has fixed chronic fatigue, long running infections, and many other medical conditions.


CBD is often the last thing people try before giving up hope. It is the solution people turn to after everything else has failed. This is unfortunate, because unlike conventional medicine, CBD is naturally occurring and has no known side effects.



"Pain Maintenance"


     Cannabis has been used for years to alleviate chronic pain. Cannabis has a multipronged approach to pain that makes it one of the most turned to solution. Because of it's anti-inflammatiory effects, it can targets both the cause of the pain and the pain itself. Cannabis not only makes you feel better, it reduces the inflamed or pained tissue. Cloud 9 Hemp oil is a safer alternative to opiods and might be the answer against the growing opiod epidemic.